Standard Deck

Traditional 52 Cards with Standard Pips and Face. 2 ways Back Designs. They are best for Card Games, Poker and Magic.


Premium paper stocks. Eye-catching back designs. These cards are made for cardists, to help creating beautiful flourishing moves.


Creativity knows no limit. With fully customized Designs, these playing cards are right for your collection.


Playing cards, that are only available for a short time, will not be reprinted. Make sure you get them, before they are sold out!

Magic Trick

Marked Decks, Practical Gimmicks, Tricks with intructions that help you create miracles in real life.


Protection for Playing Cards Lovers. Do the right way!

Our newest products


Bicycle Supreme Line

These superior quality decks are by all means Rider Backs but, with magicians and cardists in mind, have been greatly improved.

On the other hand, the stock used for this deck has been the “crushed” one, a thinner paper that makes the cards more flexible and snappy. This will delight manipulators and cardists.

Most Requested


When a packet is flipped, the circle in the center continues spinning in 3D space. Additionally, with circles on every face of every packet, eye-catching circles reverberate throughout and enhance each flourish. We call this the “Echo Effect”.

New Releases

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About Our Shop

Located in Berlin, Germany, our team at 52 Wonders is tremendously impassioned about card games and designs, and this is why we have such a diverse range of items available. We take pride in our broad range of card games to suit everyone, from family gamers, hobbyists, cardists, collectors to even the most dedicated magicians. Fast, efficient and customer-friendly, our perfectly printed card decks with high-quality stocks image manufactured by well-known companies such as: United State Playing Cards Company, Cartamundi, Legends, etc… will be delivered to you as soon as possible with the best shipping service.

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