How to Begin with Playing Cards Design

Design is not a word that’s only used for artists. Everybody can be a designer, if he wants to be. Designing is simply getting stuffs organised and harmonised.
For example: everyone can organise his room the way he wants. That might be chaotic for someone else but at least, that’s the order which suites the room’s owner.
Or your kitchen will never look like the neighbours kitchen, because you have different cooking habit. How we arrange these materials and stuffs, that’s design.

Some arrangements will work, some will not. Therefore that takes efforts to learn and make a beautiful design, To make a Designer Designer!

But how do we observe Beauties?
How can we say, if a person is beautiful or not?
That’s very subjective! Everyone is different, therefore we see the world in many different ways.
However, when it comes to blue oceans, the starry nights or movie stars, other celebrities, most of us will agree that these people have one thing in common: “They are beautiful!”

If we want to make a beautiful design, that’s accepted by most of the people, we need to see our works through their eyes.
There’s a system that always works, if it’s based on golden Ratio. Scientists proved, Human’s brains feel the most satisfied with the golden Ratio. And then thing becomes beautiful.

If you’re interested in Designing, you must know the Golden Ratio how it’s used.
You can find these books here in Germany and USA

The simplest way to do that is making our designs with the “language” that they can “understand”. And this language has only 3 alphabets: Point, Line, Plane and a lot of accents ( colour combinations ).
That’s not complicated as you imagine. It’s just like traffic signs, we all understand them.
The combinations of the 3 “alphabets” in design in general and specific in playing card design have almost the same effects.
This’s the book that you as a beginner should read to understand how these alphabets in this language really work, before beginning to design anything.

It’s available here in Germany and USA.

Design isn’t difficult if we start to understand more than copying without understanding. Learn the language of Design today and “speak out loud”!


If you’re stuck so deep in graphic design and can’t wait to design your own deck, these books definitely are your must-have (plus the books above). Just take them home and enjoy:
1. Logo Modernism GermanyUSA
2. Grid Systems GermanyUSA
3.  Thinking with Type GermanyUSA
4. Designing Brand Identity GermanyUSA
5. The Non-Designer’s Design Book GermanyUSA

Read all of those and if you need support, contact us here:

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