Loyalty Program

Lifetime Discounts

Thank you for choosing 52 Wonders. It’s an honor for us and we are so excited to offer you – our best customers – a special Reward Program, so that you can save money for your next orders.  As well as that, you can get lifetime discounts with every single purchase.

Rewards Program2€ = 1 Lira
100 Lire5€ Coupon Off Your Next Order
200 Lire10€ Coupon Off Your Next Order
300 Lire15€ Coupon Off Your Next Order
400 Lire20€ Coupon Off Your Next Order
500 Lire25€ Coupon Off Your Next Order
800 Lire40€ Coupon Off Your Next Order
1000 Lire50€ Coupon Off or Be a Gold Member: 5% Off Forever *
2000 Lire / +1000 Lire for Gold MemberWonder Member: 10% Off Forever *

* The minimum amount of each order for Gold Customer is 10€ and Wonder Customer is 15€.
* This Coupon is the only one that can be combined with the other discounts.

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More free gifts from us: We will surprise you with the ‘Little Wonders’ in your order. And more than that, 52 Wonders Team directly supports a Foundation in Ghana. We know that together we can make the world a better place. So we are proud to send you a free deck of playing cards from our own collections, if you are in a volunteer programme to help children in Africa. All you have to do is send us a confirmation or certification in English or German about the program that you were in.

You are more than welcome to join us in Accra. Just send us email and we will let you know the date and time we plan to go there.


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