The Springs 2020 playing cards are designed by the Red Dot Design Award Winner, Laita Studio. Together with 52 Wonders, the Springs deck is brought to you. This collectible deck of playing cards with an innovative design sets you apart.

  • Innovative and eye-catching design
    Printed by Cartamundi, Slimline paper stock
    True Linen B9 Slimline Finish
    56 playing cards, including 1 ad cards, 1 double backer, 1 double face, 1 blank card
    100% custom one way back design
    Standard faces, suitable for magic

The Springs 2020 playing cards are safely packed in this high-quality tuckbox with circular details and vibrant blue and green colours. The name of the deck is on the front of the tuckbox. The design runs through over the corners of the deck.

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