Crystal Deck

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A chosen card is placed in the middle of the deck but, with a snap of the fingers, it magically jumps on top! The effect is repeated again.
A second card is chosen, signed and returned to the deck that is then placed in the hands of the spectator. The signed card appears on top and is then placed in the magician’s pocket. Another snap of the fingers and the signed card reappears again on top of the deck!

To finish all the cards in the deck will disappear leaving a solid block of transparent Plexiglas in the hands of the stunned spectator!

• The effect requires no reset and is always ready to do.
• Beyond a basic card technique, it does not require other manipulations. You can learn the routine in 10 minutes.
• The special transparent plastic deck – made with Plexiglas precision – is for poker size cards.

The color of the box, supplied to keep the block, could vary from the one shown in the photo. No deck supplied.