DMC Elites Playing Cards - V4 - Forest Green

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DMC ELITES V4 forest green marked deck, for dealers

This October we are releasing the latest version of the legendary DMC ELITES – the follow up to the smash hit rouge deck, this time in a beautiful deep forest green, created with the intention to be nothing short of the greatest deck of playing cards for performing card magic available today.

The sixth generation of DMC signature cards, every aspect of the deck has been iterated and re-engineered again and again, honing in on this, simply the best deck we have ever produced.

That line is just copied and pasted from the dealer info for the rouge deck, but it was true then and it’s true again. We’ve just not stopped working on the deck – the time that’s gone into vanishingly small changes and super-refined adjustments to every feature is huge, but I’ll leave it to Drummond to wax lyrical about the magic the deck can create and instead I’ll mention this:

The deck sells like a beast.

The most immediate feature of the deck, and the thing that makes it most exciting to every magician who handles one, is also the most cunningly hidden: our unique world-class optical marking system.