Furious Playing Cards

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Inspired by the super sports cars, this deck of cards allows you to feel the speed of the storm, the thumping shock, the fearless fanaticism and the pure joy of Cardistry! When you have Furious Playing Cards in your hands, you can feel fanaticism, speed and trembling .
The design is very simple, but you can feel cool style from it. Whether opening, single-handed or two-handed cutting the cards, it brings a perfect visual effect.
Except for the extraordinary appearance influenced by the super sports car, the lid of the card box has been added Carbon Fiber, which is a paper product, but it has a steel-like texture.

Furious’s Card Face does not make any changes, still using the classic bicycle card face, of which the design indulges people with the classic colors. Meanwhile, you can also intersperse it into the ordinary bicycle cards and create your own small magic process.

Furious Playing Cards have been authorized by USPCC.

Designed For Cardistry