Jane Austen Playing Cards

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The Jane Austen Playing cards will be produced by USPCC, ensuring the excellent quality you expect. All of these images are mock ups and not photographs of the actual printed decks. There may be further refinements to come.

As an avid fan of Miss Austen’s novels, and of novel playing cards, I have designed a deck of playing cards to honor the 200th anniversary of her death. Each suit in this fully custom-designed deck represents one of Miss Austen’s beloved novels, and each suit’s court is represented by the novel’s lead characters.

These cards are rich in period detail. The images for all the queens and jacks come from fashion plates found in Ackermann’s Repository of Arts—an influential British periodical published from 1809–1829 that featured articles and images on art, architecture, fashion, furniture, needlework patterns, and politics. It is likely that Miss Austen would have been familiar with this publication. The selection of images for the queens and jacks are found within the two years prior to the publication date of each novel.