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There are three decks in the Odissea series: Odissea Minerva, Odissea Neptune and Odissea Mythica Limited Edition.

Everything will be completely different for each deck. Tuck boxes, back and cards. For example, here is the same court (Ulysses, King of Hearts) in three different versions. The back of the cards represent Minerva, Ulysses and Neptune.

Odissea cards will use plenty of Metallic inks on both the front and back of the cards.

Minerva is the first Odissea deck. It’s dedicated to all the characters who helped Ulysses.

Odissea Minerva features:

[new] Embossing
[new] +2 Extra Cards
Premium black stock tuck box
2 different color foils on the tuck box
Metallic inks on card backs and fronts

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