Aphelion Playing Cards

Aphelion Playing Cards

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The journey, this is the theme of Aphelion Playing Cards.

“Journey” as a word can assume many meanings, from moving from place to place to soul searching. When this end leaves a long trail of memories, and that is what we all live: experiences; and that is what we are: we are our experiences and their memory.

Who better than Earth can have memory of infinite experiences?

That is why this project was born right on the day of the farthest point of Earth revolution, a lost place in a long journey of which it will remain a memory of endless experiences.

Printed by the Legends Playing Card in Taiwan on on their Classic Finish

Pantone metallic Gold color on cards

This will be a Limited run of 1000 decks only..will never be print again

54 Poker size playing cards + 2 extra cards (double backer and gaff card)

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