Blackstone Playing Cards

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Blackstone Playing Cards

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Each court card has a story of its own that follows the suit: Clubs symbolize heritage and loyalty to a tradition above all, Diamonds symbolize riches and the foolish pursuit of them, Hearts symbolize romance and the idolatry of a fleeting love, and Spades symbolize the sharpness of aggression and violence. Thus the King of Clubs illustrating the rich heritage of magic, the Queen of Diamonds grieves as the diamond ring is outside of her grasp, and the Jack of Hearts penning his notes in blood. Symbolism is key in connecting the story with universal truths.

Each set contains 1 Blackstone Magic Bar Playing Cards and 1 luxurious box for the deck.

  • It will be the next legend after Bund18.
  • First deck of playing card by Blackstone Magic Bar, 750 sets printed ( only 680 Sets are available worldwide for card collectors).
  • The luxurious box is made with high-quality material in innovative structure.
  • The surface of the card box has silver foil stamping, which is noble and luxurious; each details has symbolic meaning and high artistic value. 

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