Crystal Case

Crystal Case

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This beautiful transparent acrylic case enables your deck of cards to be fully displayed, while also protecting your cards in all directions. Your cards can be displayed with or without their cardboard case.

And – if you are a card collector, this is a beautiful and elegant way to display your collection.

We have chosen the top acrylic material. This not only adds beauty and protection, but it also feels nice in your hand.

In order to maximize the display of the deck, the transparency of the material plays an important role here. Of course, the top portion expertly meets this criteria.

Most of the cards produced by USPCC can be placed into this case. Regardless of the long side and wide side gap, we control our measurements within 1-2mm, so that every card can fit perfectly.

The details put into the corners can be felt by hand, although they cannot be seen. Our products are very strictly produced so that all edges are precise, and each edge is not stiff. In fact, while holding the case, you will find it to have a gentle, yet strong, feeling.

For removal of the case, it uses a magnet-type disassembly, making it more convenient and simple to use.

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1 review for Crystal Case

  1. forest_of_spades (verified owner)

    This crystal case is the first one I ever got so I will just present you my impression of it.

    Let’s get the only thing I didn’t enjoy out of the way. I found out that the case won’t really work with my Cartamundi decks. They are a bit thicker than USPCC decks, so you can’t really close the case tightly. When you put thinner deck in the case you hear *click* as the magnets close the lid. There is no *click* when you have thicker deck in the case. Magnets are strong enough to hold the lid to the case but there is a gap of less than 1mm between them and the lid tends to slide a bit. That is why I gave “only” 4 stars (which is still a great rating!).

    Other than that, this is an amazing way to display decks of cards (the ones that can actually fit in – see below) and also protect them well at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone looking for neat display, it looks like glass box, so clean and the edges are smooth, not sharp so it has nice feel in hands, too.

    Fits regular USPCC decks (Bicycle, Wavy, NOC etc.). Also tried Stellar cards by Hanson Chien Production and it worked (only deck by them I have) and I think it should fit all similar sized decks.

    When I tried Copag 310 without gaff cards it kind of closed tight but other decks by Cartamundi (Fibs, Kubik, Proj. Subtle, Diva) had the gap “problem” I mentioned before.

    Cheers for reading, hope it helped!

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