Diva Playing Cards

Diva Playing Cards

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Diva Playing Cards 1st Edition

A colorful, vivid, geometric-based design givin’ life to a whole deck of cards. One back and 54 faces using only 3 strict shapes to design it all (and some stripes) ! Following a concept, the faces are originally designed and will act as eye-catchers for your moves.


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A l e x a n d r e    M A T E N C I O
Paris, France

Hi y’all, I’m Alex, and I’m behind Diva Playing Cards.

Born from French, Spanish & Vietnamese parents, I am today a graphic designer amongst many other things, living in Paris. I’m fascinated by minimalism, flat art and abstraction when it comes to graphic arts

Diva First Edition was inspired by two French Divas (Lucie Leger & Claire Fournier), the Street Art scene of Paris, the art of flat & geometric shapes, and obviously bits of the Bauhaus genre. It is the first deck of a long series to come!

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