Fontaine Playing Cards

Fontaine Playing Cards

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The Fontaines started with just a back design. Now, every deck will come with the following:

  • The Stock & Finish – printed on classic bicycle stock with linen finish, perfect for cardists and magicians alike.
  • The Ace of Spaces – simple, streamlined and elegant. Featuring the fontaine box logo running through the center of the Spade.
  • The Jokers – also sporting the box logo with the fontaine F for pips.
  • The Ad card – fontaine box logo in the center, text which reads 1 of 2500 and first edition.
  • The Blank Facer – a card for magicians, to use in various effects including an upcoming Wire release.
  • The Seal –  not shown in the trailer or product shots, but the vector art of the seal can be found in the gallery.
  • The Box – with a utility device for magicians built into the design. My friend Michael Stern and I developed a concept called the Vintage holdout 4 years ago that is a slight alteration you make to a card box that opens the doors to TONS of amazing tricks – the downside is only works with these Vintage Series bicycle decks. Until now. I built the same method right into the box design.
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