Hidden Leaves Playing Cards

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Hidden Leaves Playing Cards

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Hidden Leaves Playing Cards by Mahdi The Magician are painted pieces of cardboard with suits of dreams, lies, and love.

Within the majestic blue back design lives the tree of life whose branches contain all the colors of the rainbow and seasons of life and death. The roots, branches, and leaves all represent the story of humanity’s heartbeat.

Features no indices just like playing cards used to be made. This unique feature allows you to explore all sorts of forgotten card transformations, hypnotize your audiences with hallucinations of duplicates, renders well-known prearranged stacks completely invisible.

Lovingly printed by The United States Playing Card Company with our bespoke thin stock and premium smooth finish.

Riderbacks, Reimagined.” – Dan & Dave Buck

Embracing The Rainbow,

Painted Strokes

Drawn from & Bringing color

to Life, Lies, & Love.

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Mahdi Gilbert
Toronto, Canada

Mahdi was forced to reinvent magic for himself, literally redefining how a deck of cards can be handled. He performs wonders without hands, walks the Earth without feet and is a living miracle to everyone he meets.

A rare gentleman and scoundrel, Mahdi palms without palms, shuffles without fingers and is living proof that nothing is impossible.

Follow me: @mahdithemagician


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwllKpij-Ds]

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